Colored gemstone jewelry elevates your everyday look with a quick, dazzling accent. The pop of color brings your work wardrobe to life just as easily as it creates a bold, exciting look for after-hours fun. Slip a statement ring on your finger to draw attention to your polished nails. Emphasize your neckline with a colorful gemstone necklace paired with multistrand necklaces for a layered look. Choose a delicate agate, emerald or sapphire bracelet for a touch of sparkle next to your favorite dress or blouse. To create your signature style, decide between deep blue sapphire, cheerful citrine, delicate aquamarine and richly colored amethyst jewelry. These gemstones come in rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, so you have options in your preferred jewelry styles. Pair the pieces with your go-to black outfit to make the color pop, or choose a color from your favorite outfit to make it a prominent hue in your overall look. Gemstone jewelry is an easy-to-wear option for an effortless look. Pop in a pair of stud or drop earrings for an instant update to your outfit. Secure clasps keep bracelets and necklaces in place so that you can be as active as you want. Whether you prefer a modern look similar to lariat necklaces or vintage-inspired accents, you can pick pieces that complement your current wardrobe. Colored gemstone jewelry shows your bold side with a bright on-trend look that fits your style every step of the way.

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