Our exclusive collection of diamond necklaces includes elegant choices for accentuating your wardrobe. Their sparkling appearance instantly transforms any ordinary outfit to fabulous. This wide selection includes single pendants and those with multiple diamonds placed carefully on delicate chains.

Select diamond heart necklaces to convey a romantic vibe in feminine rose gold or elegant white gold. Small clustered pendants or larger ones arranged in a heart shape are tasteful and refined. Choose from different carat weights and clarity levels for the most immaculate look. To display your religious affiliation, choose diamond cross necklaces set in white or yellow gold. They’re available as single pendants in various sizes; wear a larger one to make a bold statement or a smaller pendant to be more subtle.

For those who prefer unique diamond pendant necklaces, this selection offers hundreds of choices. Opt for those with creative shapes and designs that are inspired by nature and the ocean. Butterflies, palm trees and owls convey your playful personality. If you like a more classic look, pick from several diamond solitaire pendants in clusters or single stones, and select a pair of designer stud earrings to match. Shop for diamond pendant necklaces that include other luxurious gemstones such as deep green emeralds and striking sapphires.

Whether you’re searching for a unique gift or a statement piece for a special event, our selection of diamond necklaces features numerous options that reflect your sophisticated taste and are suitable for every occasion.

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