Top off any outfit with the stylish flair of a floppy hat. A relaxed straw hat with a few embellishments complements either casual beachwear or a chic pantsuit. These attractive accents add a bit of flavor and are a practical addition to your wardrobe. Keep your eyes and hair shaded and your skin protected beneath the shield of a wide-brimmed AQUA designer sun hat.

Choose colors to suit your mood and dress for the day with hats in natural raffia and other muted tones, stark black and white or a rainbow of stripes. For a soft, romantic look with some feminine mystique, try on a whimsical floppy hat from accessories designer Eugenia Kim.

When you want to add some spice to your wardrobe, choose an edgy fedora hat to wear while walking along city streets. Or go for a more vintage style with eye-catching cloche hats, reminiscent of 1920s flappers. Bucket hats by Barbour are packable and useful when you’re caught in an unexpected rain shower.

Cast your entire face in the cooling shadow of a large floppy sun hat from kate spade new york, or exude pure charm at an outdoor gathering with an August Accessories hat boasting an extra-wide brim. Peek out from beneath the brim of a versatile floppy hat that pairs with a bohemian maxi dress or a skirt suit at an afternoon wedding.

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