Make self-care routines feel like a trip to the spa when you shop Clarins body lotions and other products. Choose lotions with renewing plant ingredients and moisturizing properties that help you recover skin firmness. They leave your skin feeling smooth and younger looking. For dry skin types, choose formulas that are moisture rich and infused with shea butter to increase hydration. Shop for Clarins body cream and shower gels with mint, rose and citrus extracts that refresh your body as they cleanse. Concentrate on hands and nails with intensive creams that restore skin’s supple appearance. Look for specialized extracts and oils that help even skin tone and promote firmness in specific areas, and opt for whole-body serums to create a radiant, healthy glow all over. Self-tanners and bronzers give you a sun-kissed look without requiring long-term exposure to the sun. Further protect your lips from the sun with a new luxury lip balm. For donning bathing suits on the beach or wearing your favorite short skirt outfit with confidence, shop contouring creams containing quince leaf extracts that firm, smooth and shape your silhouette. By selecting Clarins body lotion and other luxurious products from our Clarins body care collection, you can make everyday self-care feel indulgent and satisfying.

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