Create iconic looks and accentuate specific features with Estée Lauder brushes. From concealer brushes that help you cover up to lip brushes that give you precise definition, makeup brushes from Estée Lauder let you explore and experiment with the latest cosmetic techniques. Comfortable handles make maneuvering your brush into position easy, and expertly crafted bristles deliver makeup from your palette to your face for detailed applications. A gorgeous face starts with a smooth base, making your choice of foundation key to getting the look you want. Whether you’re using a liquid foundation or applying a base layer of powder, rely on an Estée Lauder foundation brush to smooth, blend and define your makeup atop a layer of moisturizer or skin brightening cream. Use specialty brushes from Estée Lauder to layer on highlights and take your look from work-ready professionalism to after-party glamour, or touch up your natural face throughout the day to maintain an effortlessly gorgeous appearance from early morning until late in the night. Estée Lauder eyeshadow and blush brushes let you put color and contouring in exactly the right places for a fashion-forward first impression, while blending brushes add an element of softness to your look when you’re preparing for a night of romance. Your cosmetics collection contains everything from on-trend eyeliners to oil control products, so make sure you have the brushes and tools for flawless application. Whether you’re aiming for a flawless neutral style or crafting an impressive cat’s eye, stocking up on Estée Lauder brushes ensures you always have the right tools on hand.

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