Celebrate ageless beauty with products from the Estée Lauder makeup line. Start your routine by applying Estée Lauder eyeshadow in one of dozens of flattering shades. Select a single shadow for a subtle, streamlined look, or contour your lids with the complementary colors contained in the Estée Lauder palettes. Leave things sheer or layer your shadow over an extended-wear base that will keep your it smooth and firmly in place. There are countless reasons to experiment, and if inspiration strikes when your handiwork is almost complete, you can always dab with eye makeup remover and dream up a whole new look. Estée Lauder eyeliners in waterproof and long-wear formulas help keep your makeup looking fresh through rain storms, marathon work days and fun-filled nights on the dance floor. Opt for neutral tones that bring out your natural eye color, or go bold with electric blue and emerald green. Add playful cat eyes with the precision tip on a dual-end liner pen, or brush your color on using silky and easily blendable gel eyeliner. Round out your work by framing your eyes with sculpted brows. A compact pencil-and-brush combo can be tossed in your purse for brow emergencies, so your arches are always on point. Take your lashes to the extreme with Estée Lauder mascara. Start with a primer as your first coat to maximize the ultimate effects of mascara in volumizing, moisturizing, lash-defining or zero-smudge formulas. For even longer lasting wear, look for oil control products that ward off shine by cleansing, clarifying and mattifying your skin, creating a radiant canvas that allows your skill with Estée Lauder eyeshadow, liner and mascara to shine through.

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