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      Recharge your complexion with the beneficial ingredients found in La Mer cleansers and tonics. These innovative products are formulated with elements from the sea, which help to restore vital minerals and nutrients for a well-balanced, healthy appearance. Sea algae fibers deliver oceanic vitamins to nourish and refresh the skin, while white pearl powders gently buff the skin’s surface to reveal a smoother, fresher complexion. La Mer cleansers are available in a variety of formulas including foam, gel, oil, micellar water and lotion options. You can find the appropriate cleanser for your skin type and reap the benefits offered by the natural elements from the sea. La Mer tonics have purifying properties to refine the surface of the skin and enhance your complexion. Tonics calm the skin while providing moisture and nutrients to soothe and hydrate. They contain a proprietary preparation called Miracle Broth™, which is central to every La Mer product. Miracle Broth™ combines sea kelp with vitamins, minerals and essential oils, which are then fermented together to unlock their nourishing and fortifying benefits for the skin. Just as contour makeup provides stunning definition to finish off your look, La Mer tonics are the ideal way to complete your face washing regimen and leave your skin looking and feeling balanced and rejuvenated. Include La Mer cleansers and tonics in your beauty arsenal for outstanding results and visibly fresh skin.

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