Pamper your skin with ultra-luxe products from the La Prairie collection. Created by experts using breakthrough research on cellular therapy, La Prairie combines art and science to offer people of all ages the chance to see what smooth, hydrated and eternally sumptuous skin feels like. Just like beluga is a treat for your taste buds, La Prairie skin caviar gifts your complexion with the proteins it needs to firm, lift, smooth and illuminate your natural contours. As the soft beads burst, the carefully chosen ingredients infuse your skin with emollients, humectants and vitamins that help minimize past damage and leave super-charged cells in its wake. Experience the difference with just a single product or create an indulgent daily routine using a customized combination of face cream, liquid lift, nutrient-rich concentrate, firming complex, eye cream and concealer. For the ultimate in skin care empowerment, opt for La Prairie platinum products that were inspired by the beauty and strength of one of the world’s most prized metals. La Prairie has found a way to use platinum to transform skin, hydrating and protecting from the outside in. Bolster your skin with cellular serums, banish undereye circles with a rejuvenating eye essence or mix and match products for a morning and evening routine that delivers the pampering you so richly deserve. Whether you’re in search of restorative anti-aging treatments, a radiance-boosting line that promises a satiny glow or a tailored combination of all of the above, you can build your own La Prairie collection and achieve the dramatic results you crave.

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