Fill your home with fresh and inviting aromas using Diptyque candles from our Space NK boutique. The Diptyque line includes scented candles and diffusers to offer a variety of options. Enjoy the smell of bright blossoms from the garden to bring in summery-scented breezes to your space; freesia, jasmine and lavender are fresh, clean scents, while rose, vetiver and tuberose offer a vivid bouquet of smells. Cinnamon, hazelnut, honey and resin offer warmth and spice to create a cozy ambiance. If you’re looking for woodsy undertones, try candles with patchouli and sandalwood, or choose juniper for an evergreen fragrance evocative of winter holidays. Orange blossom is floral and bittersweet, while sweet myrrh is soft and exotic. Diptyque candles can bring you scents of the Mediterranean springtime that are fresh and citrusy, or the sweet, summery smell of crushed figs and greenery. Shop Space NK candles to add a functional accessory to your rooms, or share them as a stylish and thoughtful gift. Diffusers provide a unique way to bring scents into your space. Diptyque diffusers are available in electric or trickling hourglass models, which depend on gravity to help release the fragrance into the air. Each offer a distinct design and become an attractive addition to any surface, and refills are available in your favorite aromas to give your home the warm or fresh notes you desire. Shop the Space NK boutique to find the entire line of Diptyque candles, diffusers and room sprays to scent and accent your space.

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