MZ Wallace Handbags

Show off your edgy city attitude when you select something from our collection of MZ WALLACE handbags. Designed for women with busy lifestyles, these functional and fashionable accessories keep you organized and prepared every day, whether for work or play.

MZ WALLACE totes in various size let you stow your wallet, keys, phone and other necessities as you head out to run errands. Seemingly bottomless, they’re excellent for traveling as well, so you can take everything with you as you step on the plane. For more choices, browse our collection of travel tote bags. Their quilted nylon exteriors add a touch of glam, and when you select one in a neutral solid color such as black or navy, it can take you from day to night effortlessly. For a splash of color that stands out against your dress, opt for pretty prints.

Tuck a matching cosmetic bag or wallet into an MZ WALLACE crossbody bag as you stroll down city streets. Zippered tops keep everything contained inside, and the long strap lets you keep your bag close to you. Endless pockets and pouches let you stow small items that are easily accessible from your hip, while roomy backpacks are practical and easy to carry and help you achieve a sporty appearance as you go about your day.

If you need a street-smart signature bag, look no further than our collection of MZ WALLACE handbags. Constructed from quality materials that add a touch of glam to your outfit, this brand’s offerings are practical and fashionable, ideal for women on the go.

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